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still the story here. we are still getting 6-8 feet breakers. you can see some folks out to their ankles. that is outdate -- that is all the beach patrol will allow. not one piece of damage, no reported breaches in the sand dunes in ocean city. all things considered, we are in good shape. >> this is passed high tide, too. the beach will looks like it is in good shape. >> the wednesday radical shift to the west. that is helping would be -- the did a radical shift to the west. the waves are treacherous. >> meanwhile, we are going to be seeing those high clouds
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continue to break up. hurricane earl, we can say goodbye for around here and for the beaches, a really delightful weekend coming up. i will tell you all about that in a few minutes. >> he is not out there playing around. even though hurricane earl is now a category 1 hurricane, a new england is still preparing for the worst. massachusetts has declared a state of emergency. homeowners on the coast have boarded things up. inmates in plymouth have filled sandbags ahead of the storm. >> some of those people are heading back to north carolina to check out the damage. suzanne kennedy is live in north carolina. she joins us with the very
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latest. >> we are finally getting some heat -- decent weather at the outer banks. overnight, we have dramatically and followed by 12 hours of rain. what is left behind is this incredible surf and tourist were trying to get a jumpstart on their vacation. correcting girl was a powerful category three hurricane when it passed off the coast of north carolina's outer banks. wind gusts up to 80 miles per hour felt overnight. this man rode out the storm in his home. his house sustained minimal damage and today, he is without power. >> i did not sleep at all. we have done it before. and we will do it again. >> the storm surge from hurricane earl was between 2-3
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feet, resulting in over wash on the ocean road. heavy machinery was brought in to remove water and sand from the street. this family heeded the mandatory evacuation order. by daylight, they were back to their vacation rental, trying to salvage what was left of their trip. >> i was just chomping at the bit to get back. we are staying through the labor day weekend. we're happy to be back. >> would churning -- the turning atlantic ocean became a tourist attraction. people stopped and stared at the dramatic scene. >> as a whole, we are very lucky this time. that notion is ferocious and you do not play with mother nature. >> the mandatory of action -- evacuation order has been lifted for a majority of the outer banks.
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places like cape hatteras are still under a mandatory evacuation. the only highway in and out of there is still flooded. for more on the situation in ocean city, we go there. >> the scene here at the big story has been the massive waves that have been crashing on the shore since daybreak. about an hour ago, the spot where we are standing was covered in water. the atlantic ocean, a very treacherous. so treacherous that no one is allowed in. as dawn broke over ocean city, a few wondered what hurricane earl would usher in the friday before labor day. hurricane earl unleashed strong wind gusts. >will there were no reports of
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property damage, the storm did create spectacular soaring waves. the atlantic spurious so powerful that deadly -- no one is allowed in the water right now. lifeguards ordered anyone dipping into get out. this man was confronted by a lifeguard after being too close to the rocky jetty. most vacationers here stayed, unfazed by tropical storm warnings. but this family is taking a unique approach. >> we were supposed to camp. >> now this couple is scouting the area out. to see if it is safe enough for everyone else to join them for the remainder of the weekend. >> we're doing a test run. they might come down, they might not.
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>> there is been a tremendous amount of anxiety here in the ocean city, md., area, because if folks did not think they could salvage their labor day weekend. that does not appear to be the case. folks may not be able to go far out into the atlantic. >> thank you. we will show you how hurricane earl is affecting people's we can travel plans by ground and by air. for more on the court has, you can go to an earthquake has struck in new zealand. a lot of structural damage there. so far, we have not done any reports of serious injuries. it struck about 20 minutes -- we
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have 911 tapes and the standoff that discovery. plus, the first pictures from inside the room. >> this entire area around discovery headquarters is shut down. it had been evacuated during the standoff. there was a fear that the bombs would explode and do damage that they could not predict. as a result, these tapes and constant radio transmissions that are giving us a true look of just how intense the situation was. >> there is a hostage. there's someone in the building with guns. >> for the first time, we hear those frantic calls. people inside and out of discovery headquarters, panicked by james lee, his threats to
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kill everyone, the explosives strapped to his back. also tonight, our first look inside his room that he rented at this weekend home. -- wheaton college. a roommate said he was quiet, partly social, but scary. in retrospect. among his belongings, a gas canister, books on saving the planet, combat boots -- >> i am directly behind the suspect. i have visual. >> those in charge that they say, not knowing what he would do or what he had was their greatest challenge. >> it was the uncertainty. along with the matter went on,
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the greater the uncertainty increased. >> even for experienced officers, at the intensity was top of the charts. >> it was at a tent without question. anytime you have explosives involved in an urban area, you have hostages, it does not get any more intense than that. >> we are learning a lot more about the discussed he had four children. we received an e-mail that lee reportedly sent to a friend right after that earthquake in haiti. he continued to write, it could have been of but -- avoided if people stop having babies. he was assessed with overpopulation. he said the country would have to stop having children for 44 years just to get things back to "normal."
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>> thank you. bp now says the blowout preventer of that failed to stop oil from spewing into the gulf of mexico has been removed from the company's well. the device was detached from the well this afternoon and is now being selected to the surface. it probably will not reach the top until sometime tomorrow. the blowout preventer was considered a key piece of evidence in the investigation. an investigation is also under way as to what caused the fire aboard an oil platform 200 miles west of the bp platform. 13 crew members on the bourse jumped into the water. all the more rescued. -- 13 crew members on board jumped into the water. all were rescued. no drilling activities were under way there. federal regulators are expanding investigation of a
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chemical spill. the epa will test ground water. the army reportedly -- this testing will look for more than 30 chemicals. investigators will also determine whether vapours seeped in. standing in line to save some money. the discounts thousands of locals are hoping to get. >> is she really teaching this to us? >> a local teachers assign mentors didn't is raising a lot of eyebrows. >> meet the fishermen your real
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a scientist claimed -- detained at miami international for finding suspicious things in his luggage. the airport was evacuated and shut down for seven hours overnight. no explosives or hazard biological materials were held in the device. he does not face any charges.
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prince george's county police are searching for a robbery. police evacuated a furniture store amid concerns that a suspect was inside. the store was checked and then cleared. the suspect remains at large at this hour. a glaring gap in government policy played a role in the crash that killed a virginia at 9 and injured two others. the prince william county police chief question, why it carlos was issued an employment authorization card. he was allegedly drunk when he crashed into a car carrying the nuns to a church retreat. he had been convicted of dui two times before. large as the police are searching for a missing autistic teen. he was last seen yesterday at 9:00. he is known to frequent the
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shopping center of barack silk and walk down route 55 in germantown. this was quite a catch. if fishermen in st. mary's county definitely building a big one. it was not a fish. it was an eight-foot bull shark. >> it was just half a mile from where people slam. the fishermen has quite a shark tale to tell. >> he spends most days on a boat in southern maryland. after 30 years of commercial fishing, this was a first. he and several other men wrestle this 8 foot bull shark out of their large net wednesday. they were in the potomac river. >> i saw the dorsal fin down there. i do not know what it is, but it is big. >> bull sharks are not bothered
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by a fresh water. they swim in shallow water. this one turned up about half a mile from shore. >> my granddaughter was just swimming in their two weeks ago. >> this is one of the four most aggressive sharks on the east coast. this is the one that attacks people. >> an even larger bulls start was caught about 5 miles north of here the same day. before this week, the last bull shark caught around here was in the mid-1970s. some families celebrating the long weekend are not changing their plans because of the shark. >> will you let the kids when? >> the plans to get the head mounted and a sample some shark meat for supper. >> this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. hurricane earl may not make me change my plans, but a shark
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in the water may make me change my plans. >> it is time to stay out of the water for a little while. >> we hope folks have not dramatically changed their plans. it is now moving far away. doug hill is at ocean city. quite a day out of the beaches throughout the day. >> absolutely. there are dramatic changes. there was only a little bit less than a 10th of an inch of rain during the day. it was mainly the wind and the surf. skies are clear and people are starting to roll into town. traffic on the bridges are much heavier. i was looking at down the road here and the emmys apart at 32nd street, they are starting to dry things off. -- and the amusement park at 32nd street, they are starting to dry things off. they have not made a decision whether they will open the beaches to swimmers tomorrow.
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maybe just plan to hang on the beach and find beach activities because the ought -- these are still help the six-8 feet waves. -- healthy ways. this is a walk in the park as far as ocean city standards. >> and looks like things are quieting down. a lot of folks are coming down to look at the serv and taken to the sites. >> it is loaded with people walking up and down, just looking. there is a lot of debris on the beach that has been washed up. the beach patrol will get their machines out and will get that looking pristine before long. people are back in the main part of the seat -- the city.
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>> it is going to be a terrific day at the beaches. a terrific day around all spots. this is a bit to the north. a lot of folks concerned about the dunes. we are getting toward low tide. chesapeake beach, folks are doing some voting tomorrow. that will be terrific around the bay. the wins will be rather brisk, but great sailing weather. here is what is left of the warnings. you can see the difference of being on the west side. it is racing off to the northwest. on the east side, that is a ferocious side.
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from here on in, they will continue to grey's new england. hurricane warning out for the outer parts of cape cod. look at the speed with which everything is moving none out. even the high clouds are breaking up. overnight tonight, we will continue to see that. temperatures are in the 90's. we did get to our 6890 degree day today. haiti degrees in washington. there is a hurricane earl tomorrow. westerly winds coming in, really were fresh air coming in. you will notice the low humidity tomorrow. ted rogers of be in the upper 50s to the upper 60s. some of those fairweather clouds, temperatures only about 80 degrees. there will be a westerly wind. by tomorrow evening, at temperatures will be dropping into the 50's. a little feel of fall. bright sunshine, great at the
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beaches. great for the barbecue that you have every year for the whole station. >> they told you about that? they did not tell me about it. [laughter] >> hurricane earl is raining on some people's holiday plans. >> why you may be seen
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he is known as the father of a go go, but he is also the father of two virginia tech football players. >> they are dynamic on the stage and on the field as well carry it -- on the field as well. >> chuck brown and launched a unique style of music in washington. he is still having fun. ♪ >> chuck brown is music. he had another passion as well and that is the pigskin, the virginia tech a variety. >> there is nothing like seeing your son on the field, man.
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>> two of his sons play for virginia tech. he graduated last year. wiley is a defensive back and he is just a sophomore. >> i play the piano little bit. >> chuck recently turned 74. this video is from his birthday cake last saturday at the 9:30 club. >> what keeps you doing this? >> love. a wonderful wife. >> he is showing no signs of slowing down and setting quite an example for his boys. >> we were always on the go growing up. when he is that the games, -- he is still moving. >> i am not sure he wants to hear that parade he is only 74.
5:27 pm
come on. we've got a college football special primetime. more with chuck brown. we will take you to tallahassee. it all starts at 8:00. chuck brown is just the man. >> that is great. i love him. coming up, it is getting a new left turn lights. it will help traffic there? >> holiday travel plans ruined it will help traffic there? >> holiday travel plans ruined by hur yeah, but... what.. happened to the back there? well, here's the thing: this was the only
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"sporty two-seater" they had on my budget. uh-huh. and the seats go all the way back. (announcer) settling for less is not smart. what is smart is getting more car for your money at carmax. for the money you'd spend on a stripped down new car, you could get a fully loaded, guaranteed-quality used car at carmax. now more than ever, the smart choice is carmax. the way car buying should be.
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captioned by the national captioning institute hurricane earl is not a category 1 hurricane. everyone is breathing a sigh of relief. but some people heading to the beach, they are not breeding so easy right now. hurricane earl bruins their vacation plans. it>> the cure the problem is for the affected cities we have been talking about, at their been cancellations for cities in new york and new england. people are trying to get a town for the labor day weekend and they're having trouble. the holiday weekend getaway is causing headaches for travelers. >> it is taking a little longer
5:31 pm
than expected. >> this family left massachusetts at 3:30 this morning for an annual trip to virginia beach. their flight was canceled, leaving them stranded at reagan national airport. they were not the only ones to realize that these guys are not so friendly. >> i managed to book a flight on several airlines. i should be getting into boston by tomorrow morning. >> with a wedding to attend, this resident could not delay his road trip up north. he is trying -- he is hoping time is on his side. >> if you leave early, i would not run into traffic. this afternoon, tropical be heavy. >> if you are flying tonight or even tomorrow, some of the
5:32 pm
airlines have -- urge you to call ahead before you head to the airport. if you are traveling by train, a number of trains will be stopping in new york. >> the agency is going to be open on monday to try to catch up with that backlog of driver's license that were put on hold. bob mcdonnell has called the be all week long computer failure unacceptable. prince william county planners are considering changing zoning laws for residents to keep backyard chickens. about 10 people spoke in favor of the changes at a public hearing this week. one resident said the current than a wet"mattdder
5:33 pm
hen." you can get a close look at the national zoo's cops. they are thriving, but they will not be out into the yard until fall. this is your first letter. everybody is doing great. a great errol points to relief for some georgetown residence. this comes after years of complaints. electron mind is being put on m street and wisconsin. -- a left turn the light is being put on m street and wisconsin. >> check out the traffic here on wisconsin avenue parade you see how congested it is heading south. there is a bus in front of us, but the northbound lanes, have
5:34 pm
they have hard -- they have hardly any traffic. like a beacon to a better life, the green arrow is so new, it is coming as a surprise to some motorists. after years of complaints from neighborhood residents about all the traffic, the district government responded. >> can i make a left turn here? >> it is taking time for the new rule to sink in. we saw sidestreets backed up with cards -- with cars. >> it is not legal. >> you can go left legally now. >> there is now. >> while motorists get used to
5:35 pm
the new traffic pattern, distressed and looks forward to her street getting quieter. -- this resident looks forward to restrict getting quieter. >> it make -- it might take some time for that street to quiet down. we are still seeing a lot of traffic tonight through the neighborhood. eric thomas is watching the traffic. >> i can make you happy with this traffic report. there are no delays on the major interstates. at the -- if you are heading to the eastern shore, no problems. the great view is here at the ballet. we have very -- you never see the sunday afternoon drive. let's take a look at connecticut avenue, also pretty good. you will see some slow traffic here at 19.
5:36 pm
this was earlier a little slow because there was a brush fire that has since then extinguished. that was the scenic overlook. 95 southbound is uncharacteristically clean. no problems from springfield to fredericksburg. you never hear this on afternoon drive. >> i am beginning to think that pete -- there are tricks with the cameras there. coming up, the belief in the boy's family moves. they leave behind a big mess. >> able teachers lesson intolerance has some parents fired up. intolerance has some parents fired up. >> coming up at
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prince george's county middle school teacher is in some hot water tonight over a tennis -- over and decided she game to hurt social studies class. >> many parents did not tolerate this assignment. >> this is greater still cannot get over it. >> we never had an assignment like that at -- before.
5:40 pm
>> his history teacher wrote six words on the board tuesday. look at these words. >> is she really teaching is to us? >> i heard of these words, but i did not think it was appropriate. >> his mother it's all the words, too, and was outraged. i thought that this should not be something that should be given to the kids. >> officials told us that she meant well. she wanted to address derogatory name calling she had overheard the kids using in the schools calls. >> unfortunately, while admirable, there was inappropriate language that was used as part of that lesson. that lesson was not approved by
5:41 pm
administration. >> a letter went home to parents calling it an unfortunate situation. she is the department head and on the board of directors at the prince george's county teachers union. she has been placed on administrative leave, but officials will only say that it is a personal manner -- personnel matter. coming the next, another eyebrow raised for you. he is only 2 years old. he managed to quit smoking. >> if you ride the red line in montgomery county, you will have to make new travel plans this long holiday weekend. our report is coming up. >> we will tell you why all these people were lined up in d.c. today.
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chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank. with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use our help. ♪ down a bit. too much. [ crowd cheering ] [ grunts ] [ garth ] capital one bank. now with the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet?
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thousands of people lined up in d.c. for a chance to get a discount on their utility bills.
5:45 pm
>> perhaps it is a sign of economic times the many people came here today, but also the electric company, water, gas, telephone. they can subsidize their bills and what is called utility discount day. they came by the thousands. d.c.'s pour, disabled, unemployed, to apply for subsidies to help pay their utility bill. some are currently in the dark. >> they were caught off. i am hoping that my electorate could be paid to they can get back on. >> people look ahead to winter and crushing gas bills. >> last year, 6000 people came. >> we may be running toward 9000 today. it is a sign of the times. >> the line extended from outside to a huge holding room.
5:46 pm
>> i need some help. >> if we get everyone lined up. >> in the next room, numbers called meant they can kid see representatives from the city. >> right now, i am unemployed, so every little bit helps. >> these savings can be substantial. >> it was worth coming down here, believe me. >> the first half of your water use and see where it used to be discounted. >> this program is paid for by the federal government and by d.c.. the organizers say they believe they have enough funds to help everybody who qualifies. the city representative said that the average person will get about $400 a year in this program. it is on a first-come, first- served basis. that may explain why so many
5:47 pm
people have come here today. they will be here until 7:00 tonight helping anybody who happens to be in line at that time. the family at the center of that balloon the boy hopes last year, they are really taking off this time. they are moving out of their house. they are leaving colorado and moving to florida. he spent a 30-day jail term after he claimed that his son was carried away in this homemade gland. >> one of the world's most famous smokers has kicked the habit. footage of the to year-old from indonesia sparked international outrage. he was smoking two packs a day. eventually, a psychologist kept in and said the child picked up the habit because every man in his village smokes. the psychologist found the boy was able to quit.
5:48 pm
>> how about that? >> unbelievable. >> gordon peterson is live in the newsroom. >> tonight, we will continue extensive coverage of hurricane earl. we will take you live to ocean city and massachusetts. also, at a new jobs report, the unemployment rate is up. that is not the end of the story. economists say there could be some reasons for optimism in this. we have a special fare well tonight to a longtime member of our team here at abc 7. that is the man right there. jimmy is retiring after 48 years in television. 45 of those years with our company. over those years, he has directed every single newscast. his special touch can be seen
5:49 pm
over the years on other shows, including the cherry blossom festival parade. he has directed more than 25,000 programs over the years. we will miss him. >> he is a gem. >> who killed an alaska couple inside their farm house? >> this couple was well liked. they were well known. >> she was the kindest, most warm hearted people that you will meet. >> authorities first arrest the couple's nephew. it turns out they were way off. to find out who killed them comment -- to kill them, watch "20/20." >> stick around to see our dynamic duo take on hurricane earl.
5:50 pm
that is going to be the story for us. sunshine. meanwhile, doug hill will be having some sunshine. >> off to the west, some breaks in the overcast. still have the gusty winds and still have big waves out there. the beach patrol is now allowing surfers. the weather, it will be gorgeous. let's take a look at the weekend forecast. sunshine all day. temperatures are expected to be in the upper 70's. through sunday, much of the same. as we get into the day on monday, it looks like it will be right around 80 degrees. water temperatures are running to the low to mid 70's spread is
5:51 pm
a delightful weekend. the only concern is the waves. it will be a great time at all of the mid-atlantic beaches. >> it is continuing to head away from everything. things are really settling down. >> good news. >> there are still a-footers are breaking trade a hurricane earl came and went. just looking, you would never know there was a diminishing hurricane just a few miles from here. >> or the court to sever the next seven days. nice low humidity. that is the thing that everybody will be enjoined. -- will be enjoying. year in and year out, nor'easters do a lot more damage along the east coast. a nor'easter in the wintertime can be much more dangerous than a hurricane.
5:52 pm
that is the good news. we have your fingers crossed because this news is big. stephen strasbourg was supposed to have surgery this morning. no or from the national. the chances of a full recovery is listed at only 85%. as soon as we hear, we will let you know. nyjer morgan has been suspended. they have been suspended and or fined. nyjer morgan suspended eight games for his wild week. i have been talking about a redskins, more of them coming up at 6:00. he suffered a stroke just before his team's practice. last night, billy was back on the sidelines.
5:53 pm
♪ >> he is back on the field, just like he planned to be. but last fall, he spent most of the time in a hospital. he suffered a stroke while teaching and was sidelined. >> i'm the type of person that if you tell me i cannot do something, i would like to prove you wrong. >> he coached a field for 11 seasons and had hoped to return to that same role this year. he decided he could not do it full time. he is an assistant to the head coach. >> he has not changed in terms of him being his normal cantankerous itself. he does not have any lack of input.
5:54 pm
>> last year, led the hawks made it into the playoffs -- into the playoffs. this year, and they are hoping to go even further with him standing on the sidelines. >> we know he is going to fight hard to be out there for a spirited we know that he loves us. >> you love to hear those stories of perseverance. we will talk about the redskins and nyjer morgan at 6:00. we will talk about the redskins and nyjer morgan at 6:00.
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we are preparing for some major metro closers this weekend on the red line. >> work is being done to make metro safer. >> metro figures that since it normally it 55,000 passengers rode the red line here in montgomery county last labor day weekend, this would be perfect timing for major maintenance
5:58 pm
work. here at glenmont, we found that many folks who disagree. during this labor day weekend, about 500 metro employees will be hard at work. he will be looking for another way to get to his job in d.c.. >> i may have to rent a car. i am worried because now i do not know what i will do. >> a metro has scheduled his -- its largest minutes track project. five crucial red line stations in montgomery county and d.c. will be off-limits the entire long holiday weekend. >> completely shut down as a little much. >> travel will undoubtedly be more complicated for this football player. he relies on the red line. >> it is pretty inconvenient. >> much will be working on it. auto lights, fire alarms, a fiber-optic. then may not work will be
5:59 pm
installing new track switches. -- the main work will be installing new track switches. takoma, forest glen, we 10, glenmont will be closed. they would not reopen until tuesday morning. a lot of people will be going out of town this weekend. they have to get it done. >> the stations will reopen at 5:00 tuesday morning. metro says they will have free shuttle buses. at about 40 minutes to your right. >> that is all for abc 7 news at 5:00. at 6:00, bracing for hurricane earl. the storm is on the move. plus, inside the room of the discovery gun man. what investigators found there. a new jobs report, the unemployment rate is up. a new jobs report, the unemployment rate is up.

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